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Desiree's Story

Desiree is the Assistant Manager of our community outreach project, Proyecto Faro. She's been working alongside all our youth at Mision Mexico Foundation, supporting the team at Mision Mexico Casa and leading the expansion of our community projects. Desiree is an amazing role model to each one of us and has first-hand knowledge of the importance of our projects and the long-lasting positive impacts they have on breaking the cycles of poverty in impoverished areas like Tapachula, Puerto Madero and Villa Del Sol.

The young people in our city are vulnerable because they cannot find good opportunities to grow and develop. Areas of finance, academics, and society are affected due to this situation. In addition, the strong male-dominated society (machismo) that prevails in the area influences the youth of Tapachula in a negative way.

For that reason, Proyecto Faro provides great opportunities for young adults and children to grow positively. We provide support in academic and personal growth. Our main goal is to develop a growing network among these young adults to make a positive change in society, their own catalysts of change within their communities.” - Desiree

Your Support Matters

This Giving Tuesday, we're raising money to expand our support. With a goal of £16,500, every peso, pound and dollar donated will support our work throughout 2023 for more than 150 youth and their families. Thanks to you, our Global Family, we believe it’s possible.

Will you help?

£10 donation will provide transport for our youth to attend community classes.

£25 donation provides 3 free cooking classes for 45 youth.

£50 donation allows us to feed 150 people at 1 Community Soup Kitchen afternoon.

£100 donation provides materials for 1 month of free workshops.

£250 donation funds 1 experienced social worker for 1 month.

Thank you for making our work possible,
from Desiree and everyone at Mision Mexico Foundation

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