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A catalyst for change



Giving Tuesday is a global movement of kindness and generosity in response to the consumerism that occurs on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Giving love, life and hope has been the inspiration behind Misión México Foundation for the past 22 years. This year, together with Giving Tuesday, Misión México Foundation is excited to announce the expansion of our Community Programs at Proyecto Faro, funded by our Community Giving Challenge. With your help, we will be launching into two new locations and supporting 150 vulnerable youth each week. Our free programs will empower our community to break cycles of poverty & inequality, giving access to mental health & education services, providing practical life skills & training, and creating safe spaces of belonging.  


Our Community Giving Challenge will run from Tuesday 25th October and ends on Tuesday 29th November, which is Giving Tuesday. Thanks to the generosity of 10 private donors, the first £5,000 (GBP) of donations received will be doubled. 

Help us reach our goal by simply donating and sharing this special link with your friends and families. Every dollar, pound and peso counts! Click the link below to make a contribution to our community today.





with your

We will expand our community outreach centre across three locations, providing a safe space for 150 youth a week to spend time and to be part of a community. This will transform the behaviours, attitudes, and skills of youth, motivating them to become agents of positive change in their families and communities


We will provide 150 hours per month of free youth workshops and classes around topics of gender violence & wellbeing, as well as life and employability skills. This will Improve day-to-day wellbeing, reduce the risk of anti-social behaviours, and increase employment and educational opportunities

for all youth.


We will provide a community soup kitchen run by our youth, along with small group cooking classes feeding a total number of 150 community members a week. This will feed our community, encourage healthy eating habits, improve culinary skills and increase nutritional knowledge.


We will employ 2 locally trained social workers to help support our youth and community. This will address mental health issues, teach healthy coping mechanisms, and provide long-term stability & professional support.



Paco is one of the many youth who has been attending our Community Programs and has taken part in our Community Events. Hear why Proyecto Faro is so important to him and how you can support his dream to be a doctor.



What are the problems?

Our home state of Chiapas has the lowest HDI (Human Development Index) rate in Mexico, with 8 out of 10 people living in poverty. Public investment in youth training and educational opportunities is far below the national average, especially for youth from low socioeconomic backgrounds. This, coupled with limited positive mentors, leads many youth to fall further behind educationally, socially, and emotionally, leading to paths of drugs, alcohol, and crime, perpetuating a cycle of poverty and violence. 

How will your donations solve the problem?

We will establish an expanded community outreach centre in the city and engage with an impoverished community outside of Tapachula to provide workshops around topics such as gender violence & wellbeing as well as life and employability skills. This will increase opportunities as well as employment & educational outcomes, reducing the risk of antisocial behaviours.  A community soup kitchen alongside cooking & nutrition classes will help to combat food insecurity and malnourishment.


other ways

There are so many ways to raise money! From hosting a bake sale, running a sponsored 5k, hosting a pay-per-donation yoga class, or simply creating a donation box. To create a fundraiser, email Vanisha at or check out Our Fundraising Pack here.

We understand that not everyone can afford to donate money. You can perform acts of giving by simply talking about our community giving challenge. 

Thank you for giving to our Community Giving Challenge.

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