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Over the years, our family home has seen a lot of changes. It began in a small, cramped rented house for seven children with no outdoor play area. With the help of our global supporters, local businesses, and volunteers (including Alan’s own hands!), we were able to; purchase land, build our dream family home, and provide long-term care for up to 30 children and youth at any given time.


We are not an orphanage, our mission is to provide a permanent and stable family home where all our children and youth have green outdoor spaces to safely play and grow. Our family home includes a chapel, a library, a home school and classroom, an onsite office and a pool for swimming lessons. Our Misión México Casa is a safe haven and oasis in the middle of Tapachula.

Our programs ensure all our children and youth have the opportunities to complete their education, have access to health and wellbeing services, and are supported in their transition towards independence when they are age appropriate and ready.

What We Do


In the beginning, Pam started home-schooling seven children with only the help of her daughter Hannah. Today, through our Education Program, every one of our children and youth are attending local schools and extracurricular activities, with the opportunity to be supported through vocational training or university education. In 2014, we saw the creation of our Youth Transition Program which helps our young adults develop skills such as independent and practical living, health and nutrition, positive role modelling, financial planning and budgeting, and practical support sourcing employment. We’ve seen our young adults thrive, becoming successful graduates, employees, and parents.


Our children and youth all come from traumatic backgrounds, which is why in 2019 we launched our Health & Wellbeing Program. We partner with local health practitioners and specialists to ensure our children and youth have access to vital health services, from one-on-one therapy sessions with our skilled psychologists and annual physical examination with our family doctor, to immunisations and dental checks and treatment. In our home we invest in good nutrition, clean water filter systems, and cooking classes.


With the combination of all our programs, care, and family focus, we believe that every child is provided with the right tools to build a life that they love, deserve, and can choose. Due to breaking the cycles of poverty and abuse, our children and youth continue to inspire, bring positivity, and fill the world around us with hope. 

How We Do It
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We believe that every child deserves the right to play, to explore the world around them in safety and to grow in confidence in their abilities which is why our Education Program has always been key to our mission. 


Over the past 20 years, Misión México’s Education Program has helped hundreds of children. Initially, our education journey started with Mamá Pamela and her daughter Hannah home-schooling 7 children with a basic educational program. Today, all of our children are in primary and secondary schools around the city, in higher education colleges and universities, or in our much advanced home-school program. Education at Misión México has come such a long way. 

And as the children grew, so did their dreams! Over the years, we’ve watched as our older generations graduate with university degrees and work apprenticeships. We’re super proud to be able to give our children and young adults these chances and to have Education Sponsors who help with their school fees, school uniforms, shoes, books and other educational materials like stationery, gym clothing, school excursion and even their exams!

With your help, our children have continued to flourish and are dreaming bigger than ever before! We've seen cycles of poverty, crime and abuse break as our children grow with opportunity, knowledge and empowerment through education.


" Education is critical to ensure the cycle of poverty is broken. Misión México's education program ranges from kinder and home-schooling, to open learning and university, enabling our children to create a future for themselves. Together we can make a difference. With your help, our children can realize their dreams and become the best that they can be. "

- Pamela Skuse, Founder


 Our Health and Wellbeing Program focuses on basic health education as well as preventive and primary care. From teaching our children the importance of brushing their teeth properly to self-care and good nutrition, we believe that our focus protects and cares for the children, giving them valuable, long-lasting skills and knowledge. 

At Misión México, we’re proud to provide the following services: 

Psychological Therapy