Pamela and Alan Skuse visited Tapachula in 2000 to help care for seven children. Passionate about making a difference and wanting to do more, they quickly become role models and inspirations for people all over the world.

Thanks to donations and dedicated people like you, Pam and Alan were able to build a home for our family as well as providing extra support in the education, health, wellbeing and care for every child within Mision Mexico, Proyecto Faro and Mision Surf. Every school lesson, every pair of shoes, every bed, and every single achievement has been made possible thanks to people like you.

There are so many ways to get involved, and we’d love you to join to help us carry on with our Mexican mission!


Our greatest need is meeting our core running costs. Every month, we prepare 250 kilos of fresh fruit and vegetables, we fund 365 hours of health and wellbeing services, we run 20 days of community support and free classes, we maintain 5 safe spaces and homes, and we employ 20 long-term staff members.


The global pandemic taught us that we would not be able to exist without our monthly donors who are at the core of everything we provide. By giving a monthly contribution, you'll secure consistency and care for all of our children and youth here at Misión México Foundation.

Become one of our core members today.

£7 a month will help to keep our childre


We accept volunteers all year round but we’re especially looking for those who have a special skill or talent to share with our children. Whether it's yoga, surfing, languages, gardening, or footballers, we'd love you to come stay with us and help to explore, enhance and expand on their abilities.


A genuine love for children and an enthusiasm to work is a basic requirement. Our children need love and fun but also guidance, routine and discipline. Volunteering at Misión México is not a holiday; however it is incredibly rewarding and you will leave with the satisfaction that you have truly made a difference.

Volunteers must be 21 years and older and willing to commit for 8 weeks minimum. 

To learn more about being a volunteer sign up to our site and head to Become A Volunteer!


We're so excited to welcome specialised volunteers who can run unique workshops and classes for all our children and youth.  If you have a skill or talent to share with us, then contact us today and apply to be one of our special Vacation Volunteers.


Volunteers must be 21 years and older, willing to commit for 2 weeks minimum or more and be prepared to apply with structured lesson plans, aims and ideas. 

For more information or to submit a proposal,

email our Volunteer & Youth Coordinator at volunteer@misionmexico.org