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A catalyst for change

Whilst the Misión México Foundation through our Misión México Casa has always cared for and given opportunities to the youth directly in our care, the COVID-19 global pandemic and the closure of México’s schools highlighted the difficult situations and the lack of opportunities and support that faced many Mexican youth. Local youth from our community spoke of needing guidance and support, of a safe place where they could feel they belonged. They said of struggling with mental health and their holistic well-being and felt their needs were invisible. This was the catalyst that led to the creation of Proyecto Faro. 


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Our Projects
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Distinct communities, common needs

There are many distinct communities across Southern Mexico, where Misión México Foundation is based. Still, the needs of youth in these communities are often the same. Thousands of students are out of school, and youth unemployment is rising. Here in Chiapas, these factors are amplified as the state has the country's lowest Human Development Index rate. One in ten youth are neither working nor studying. Opportunities for employment in Tapachula are limited, and opportunities to learn skills to increase engagement are lacking and expensive. Many parents struggle financially and often cannot orientate or guide their children through adolescence.

Our Journey
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Our 2021 Pilot

In 2021 we launched a pilot of Proyecto Faro, operating as a community outreach centre in the heart of Tapachula.

We transformed young men's behaviours, attitudes, and skills, motivating them to become agents of positive change within their families and communities. We did this by providing the participants with positive experiences and opportunities to learn English, cooking, and wellbeing techniques at no cost. This allowed them to practice positive masculinity, ultimately helping these young men lead happier, healthier lives.

All our participants improved their English levels, improved their level of well-being, including their skills in cooking and improved their opinions and approaches to masculinity. 

2022 and beyond

After seeing the positive results of our 2021 pilot, we plan to expand Proyecto Faro to allow even more youth to access the opportunities and experiences our program provides.


From August 2022 Faro began its expansion from a single outreach center, to a broad community development program, based out of three different centers located in three different areas of need. We have begun to expand our reach, working with youth across genders and ages, providing a wider range of positive experiences and opportunities at no cost to the community youth.


All of this will work together to transform the behaviors, attitudes and skills of the youth with whom we work, encouraging them to become agents of change on both a micro and macro level, whilst maintaining our core focus on education, providing positive experiences and social and vocational skills.


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Our Locations
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Proyecto Faro works across multiple communities in Chiapas, including: 


Our permanent center is located in the bustling heart of Tapachula. Here we have continued to deliver our proven to be successful free English language classes, cooking and nutrition classes and different workshops on themes of wellbeing and social skills. Our Tapachula center caters to all youth ranging in genders and ages from 14-21 years old. Our Tapachula center will aim to include a vocational training program, assisting youth who are not pursuing higher education and instead offering support in securing vocational training and employment. 

Puerto Madero

Located in the coastal town of Puerto Madero, our second hub will cater to both young men and women. Faro in Puerto Madero will deliver a range of free classes and workshops to high school aged students, replicating many of the opportunities youth attending our centre in Tapachula can receive, including free English language classes, different workshops and cooking and nutrition classes. We will work to cater for the needs of the local community, working and partnering with local organizations in the delivery of our programs. 

Villa Del Sol

The Mision Surf Hotel is our third location based in the community of Villa del Sol, an area that locals often call the 'forgotten community'. Faro at Mision Surf caters directly to the needs of the local youth, working alongside parents and local community members in the formation of our workshops and programs. We provide free swimming classes, and more relevant workshops and experiences including educational support and reading and writing classes. Villa de Sol is a young community, and to reflect this, our classes at Mision Surf cater to all genders ranging from ages 8-15 years old, complementing our high-school aged offering in the neighboring community of Puerto Madero. 

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We are excited to announce a new and exciting project at Proyecto Faro - a community library for the local youth. Through this project, we aim to nurture young minds, expand horizons, and empower our communities. A community library is a place where young people can discover the joy of reading, explore new worlds, and develop a lifelong love for learning. By providing access to books and resources, we give our youth the tools they need to become more informed, confident, and creative. We invite you to join us in this cause and help us positively impact the lives of the local youth!


How You Can Help: 


Amazon Wishlist

Visit our Amazon wishlist and choose books to donate. Your selection will be shipped directly to our door, making it convenient and hassle-free.

Drop-Off Location for locals

If you prefer to donate physical books, you can drop them off at our address. For more information and opening hours, please WhatsApp us directly at; 962 190 4098. Your generous contributions will go a long way in filling our library with diverse and enriching reading materials.

Let's come together as a community to create a space where our youth can thrive, learn, and dream. Your support, whether through book donations or spreading the word, is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Proyecto Faro exists to provide education, life skills and personal development completely free of charge to our wider communities. This is made possible by our Core Community who support our monthly programs, ensuring the gift of opportunity is given to all. 


From as little as £20 a month,  will you become our newest Core Member?

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