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There are too many adventures out there waiting to be lived …

My name is Erika and I am 18 years old. This blog is based on tourism!

You should know how to live life, thanking every moment. To learn, to make mistakes, and to suffer is a part of life, but we also have great and unforgettable moments. There is something to venture and to always find out. I want to help you understand that you must discover and experience new places!

Tapachula is a city that is located in the Soconusco region and is known as the main border city. Its commercial importance is in the production of flowers, fruits, and vegetables such as mango, cocoa, banana and coffee.

Best places to visit in Tapachula

La zona arqueológico de Izapa

It was a ceremonial centre built in 1500 B.C. and that from the year 600 A.C. It was for a millennium the largest civil and religious centre on the Pacific Plain. It had more than 160 buildings and 252 monuments, of which well-preserved remains can be found.

El Parque Central Miguel Hidalgo

The park is located in the centre of the city, Tapachula. There is a covered area where musical events, dances, exhibitions, and other types of cultural events are held.

Museo de Tapachula

On the front there is a huge clock, brought by Porfirio Díaz from France in the 19th century and which maintains in original pieces. The main objective of the museum is to recognize the trajectory and significance of this Mexican city, located where the nation begins. In this place you can learn about the history of the Soconusco region.

El Volcán Tacaná

It is located in Tapachula and its altitude is 4100 meters! There are different types of ecosystems, from high jungle, pine forests, cloud forest and grasslands. It is the hiking route preferred by tourists, since from above there are spectacular views of the city, rivers, the sea and beautiful dreamlike landscapes.

Cascada San Francisco

Located 40 minutes from the city of Tapachula, this beautiful natural waterfall offers you the opportunity to camp or practice some other sport such as rafting.

Boca del cielo

Once you have arrived at Boca del Cielo, you have to cross a stream of small diversions, aboard a boat, to finally reach the bar. The latter is an arm of land that appears between the estuary and the waters of the Pacific Ocean. On this site there are cabins where tourists can stay. They are very simple but clean and comfortable cabins.

Mirador el pósito

It has the shape of a hand, and it is totally unique in Chiapas and throughout the national territory, which makes it special, it could be said that it joins the viewpoints "La Mano del Gigante" in Colombia; "La Mano de Mantra" and "La Mano del Arenal" in Costa Rica, as well as "La Mano de Dios" in Antigua Guatemala. It has a height of 17 meters with an arm 80 centimetres wide and is added to the more than 1,500 meters above sea level that this community has.

La changa

Without a doubt Chiapas is a State with a great diversity of nature, beauty and without a doubt several places that you have to know. In Tapachula within the state of Chiapas, Mexico, is the La Changa Ecotourism Park Spa.

It has pools, wading pool, children's area, slides, bathrooms, showers, restaurant, zip line, walk through the farm, river, hammocks, zip line, hostel, mountain bike, rappelling, climbing changa, suspension bridge and different activities.

Visit Chiapas! Volunteer, join the team or book your stay with us at Mision Surf today.

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See you soon!

- Erika

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