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Run for Cesar

Dear Amigos,

We have always been an active family full of runners, surfers and team sports enthusiasts. After a few years of lockdown and cancellations of group events, we are excited to be partnering with local businesses in Tapachula this weekend for our first official 5k run since 2019!

Thirty-five of our children, young adults, and team members will be running alongside our Tapachula community to raise funds for Cesar’s healthcare. Cesar is eleven years old and one of our youngest boys. He's had health issues and development delays since he came to live with us. We've recently been advised to arrange specialist appointments with an immunologist and a geneticist to support him further and give him the best possible care. None of our children have IMMS or free healthcare access, but we pride ourselves in working with a team of amazing health professionals to support Cesar and all our children with their health & wellbeing needs.

All our children, past and present, will be running in the Tapachula 35 degree heat to complete their 5k run. We are asking people to help motivate them by sending donations and messages of support, to help them hit their global target.

For those of you who cannot join us in Tapachula to take part in the run, please consider running a virtual 5k wherever you are in the world and asking your friends and family to sponsor you and our children. Please remember to take a photo and tag us on Facebook or Instagram so we can share with our children.

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